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Holdon® Xtra is a reusable clip, specially developed for extremely fast mounting on thinner materials but also thicker compressible materials. Examples of flexible materials, e.g. as banner clips for banners and signage materials or as camping clips for camping mats, tents, netting, wind protection, canvas in the garden, leisure and agriculture but also on stage applications in the event sector. With Holdon® Xtra, you get a neater, faster and smarter alternative to traditional eyelets, with easy assembly by hand directly on site."The heavier the load - the tighter the grip!" The Swedish-made "wedge clamp” Holdon® Xtra, with a capacity of up to 40 kg, is a further development of Holdon® Mini. For thicker material or fabrics with hem and cord up to 5mm, we recommend you to use the Holdon® MIDI.


Stronger than traditional eyelets
Reusable/ adjustable/ removable

For materials that can be compressed to a maximum of 1.5mm, but open up to 4mm

Tested for loads up to 45 kgNo tools necessary

Glass fiber reinforced high-stability nylon (metal replacement plastic)


Length: 60mm

Width: 37mm

Height: 10 mm

Tested for loads up to 45 kg



Glass fiber reinforced high-stability nylon (metal replacement plastic). 


Holdon® Xtra Clip

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